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       We educate consciously

Our educational ideal is based on the method developed by Maria Montessori.


We propose spaces and materials that the child can use autonomously by unfolding the wealth that he brings inside. So, we are talking about bright and spacious spaces, with wooden materials adapted to the maturity of the small.

In this sense, on the one hand we have the nest classroom that welcomes infants. On the other hand, the children's community in which the children who have started to walk with the veterans of the center coexist.

At kindergarten we conduct both spontaneous and programmed activities in relation to the interests of children.


The child through the various proposals will stimulate multiple intelligences: cognitive, emotional, spiritual, artistic, social, etc. This integral education contributes to the formation of the whole human being.

In addition, we follow a routine for children to acquire basic habits:

• Wash your face and hands alone

• Learn how to use the cutlery

• Put on simple clothes

• Manifesting your needs, etc.

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